Lannan Pitching Wednesday, Pushes Jesse Back

Source: Fightin Phils FB page

Source: Fightin Phils FB page

Jon Lannan is definitely scheduled to pitch a rehab game for the Fightin Phils on Wednesday (6/13) as he gets ready to climb back on his horse for the Big Club later this month. That pushes Jesse’s start to Friday, which is an away game in Richmond. This must be minor league baseball!

So, here’s what Jesse’s next two starts in the region currently look like:

Thursday, June 20 – Portland vs. Reading – 7:05 PM (in Reading)

Friday, July 5 – Reading vs. Trenton – 7:05 PM (in Trenton)

We don’t want to project out any further than that. The Eastern League All-Star Game is scheduled for July 10 in New Britain, CT. Hopefully, Jesse will be chosen to represent the Fightins there. That may affect his schedule earlier in the week.

Note as well that the Futures Game is scheduled for Citi Field in New York City the following Sunday. There’s a chance Jesse may get to play in that as well. Fingers crossed, and toes, and eyes.

Stay tuned and sorry to louse up any plans you have, and to muck up your in-box.

We do encourage folks to consider heading out to Reading regardless of whether Jesse is pitching on a given night. You get to chat with Ruth and Judy, drink all sorts of great beer, eat weird gourmet hot dogs, and watch some great players as they work on developing their games. If you’re lucky, too, when Jesse isn’t pitching he’s accessible and relaxed. You might meet up with him, get an autograph, or get a chance to tell him a stupid joke. He’s guaranteed to laugh that million dollar laugh he has.

See you out there real soon, I hope.


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