Test Flight Tomorrow: A Few Innings of Intra-Squad

The Phillies reported yesterday that Jesse will be one of the starting pitchers to take the mound tomorrow afternoon in Clearwater in the Phillies intra-squad game that will kick off spring training games for 2014. Ethan Martin will start as well. Other pitchers to get innings will be David Buchanan, Justin DeFratus, Luis Garcia, Jeremy Horst, Cesar Jimenez, Shawn Camp, and Kenny Giles.

As the interview, above, with Chuck Bushbeck shows, Jesse’s been ready to go and has had the right attitude since before he left Philly in early February. Nothing can be easy down there right now. But every day has to be so interesting.

Hopefully those Phillies fans down in Clearwater tomorrow can send us snowbound Phanatics some play-by-play commentary. Maybe even a few photos or short video clips. We’ll post anything cool right here as soon as we can.

You can bet that Buchanan, Giles and Biddle, among others, are psyched as hell right now. Hopefully they know this is just the beginning. Stay calm. Keep the ball down. Attack the zone. One pitch at a time. That’s a good philosophy for life, too.

See you out there real soon!

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2 thoughts on “Test Flight Tomorrow: A Few Innings of Intra-Squad

  1. Corri

    I get all emotional… saw some videos of Jesse talking about the “mental” part of the game. Such good stuff, as David B would say. Good luck, Jesse!

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